The National Society of Leadership and Success is proud to share the latest video episodes of our “Thought Leader Series” featuring inspirational stories from successful leaders in a variety of fields.

Thought Leader Series: Dr. Deepak Chopra

In this video, Deepak Chopra explains the surprising connection between your innermost thoughts and genetics, as well as the importance of exploring your convictions and testing your hypotheses, no matter how high the stakes or how massive the backlash. Additionally, Dr. Chopra will also discuss how philosophy, health, and leadership converge in surprising ways.

Thought Leader Series: Mayor Svante Myrick

In this video, Svante Myrick shares lessons learned from an atypical life. The very model of resilience, Svante overcame poverty and homelessness to become a student at Cornell University, and later an elected official. Listen to Svante discuss the importance of broad goals, flexible communication, and the best way to commit to a large, potentially life-altering endeavor.

Thought Leader Series: LA Reid

In this video, Reid discusses some of the key moments and mindsets that got him to where he is today, from his unexpected career path to the surprising role that presentation (both personal and professional) played in his life. Additionally, Reid will give some insights on his atypical personal journey, from the value of arts education in his life to the importance of learning as much as possible in your given field.

Thought Leader Series: Jeff Selingo

In this video, Jeffrey J. Selingo argues that college is not the problem; instead, the issue lies with our outdated notions about both higher education and life after college. Learn more about the three types of college graduates, how a gap year can prepare you for the rigors of real life, and why it’s important to be comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity.

Thought Leader Series: Slava Rubin

In this video, Slava Rubin discusses the role of unexpected opportunities, big ideas, and past heartbreak in the life of an entrepreneur. For instance, the difficulty of fundraising online and a lack of access to capital pushed Slava and his co-founders to use the internet to democratize funding, rather than relying solely on venture capital. Slava will also discuss the drawbacks and advantages of traditional funding, bank loans, and credit card funding, as well as key mindsets and important considerations for entrepreneurs—first-timers and old hands alike. 

Thought Leader Series: Marcia Clark

In this video, Marcia Clark reflects upon her time as a lawyer and prosecutor, sharing lessons learned from a legal career spent in the media spotlight. As one of the nation’s best-known female lawyers, Clark overcame her share of obstacles from a variety of sources, be they reporters, pundits, or other attorneys. When faced with such difficulties, Clark believes that it’s critical for students to be able to give others the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, to not be intimidated by opposition, and most importantly, to hold one’s own when confronted by opposition and pushback.

Thought Leader Series: Dr. Sydney Finkelstein

In this video, Dr. Sydney Finkelstein, the Steven Roth Professor of Management and faculty director of the Tuck Executive Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, shares the one interview question every candidate should ask their prospective boss. Dr. Finkelstein’s approach to leadership and strategy focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of executive talent. His widely read research analyzes how capable leaders make bad decisions and, ultimately, fail.

Thought Leader Series: Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

In this video, Dr. Robert Gates speaks about crucial leadership strategies useful for all students, including the importance of taking (sensible) risks, how pursuing interesting opportunities can lead to jobs, and why having broad, diverse perspectives is critical for all leaders. Most importantly, Dr. Gates will explain why people, not systems, are still the deciding factor–even in today’s increasingly technological, networked world.

Thought Leader Series: Eric Schurenberg

In this video, Eric Schurenberg shares his hard-won knowledge of business and entrepreneurship, honed by leading Inc Magazine and from years spent with successful companies and leaders in fields as diverse as bespoke clothing and internet startups.

Thought Leader Series: Sophia Mendelsohn

In this engaging, relevant video with the National Society of Leadership and Success’s President, Charles Knippen, Sophia Mendelsohn explains some of her areas of responsibility in her role as JetBlue’s Head of Sustainability; in particular, she’ll speak on the importance of both big-picture, long-term initiatives, as well as smaller, more localized projects.

Thought Leader Series: Arne Duncan

From a pro basketball player to Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan has lived a unique, atypical life. In this video, Duncan lays out the interesting, childhood experiences that forged a lifelong desire to impact others through education, and his rationale behind the transformational educational initiatives implemented under his tenure, including Common Core, expanding Pell Grants, and regulating for-profit institutions of higher education.